"A Boy from Somewhere"

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"Summer Time"

(Verse 1)

Your eyes

Got me dreaming of Summertime.

The sun so bright,

We were so high.

Your smile.

I still see it every once in a while.

But only in my mind.

Only in my mind.


Remember the days

When the waves

Would wash all of our cares away?

Remember back then

We said

We'd never say goodbye again?

I hope that you still think of me fondly,

as I think of you.

Cause now it's grown cold.

And the snow and the thoughts of you have got me...

Oh, they got me. 

Dreaming of Summertime.

(Guitar Solo)


"25 in L.A"

(Verse 1)

Thinking back to all the things we used to do.

We were two crazy kids in high school.

Stay up till four on the phone,

talking about nothing, but everything.

Entranced by the sound of your voice.

God damn, it was heavenly.


But years go by. Seasons change.

Before you know it you're 25, living in L.A.

All those hometown memories will never slip your mind.

They're there to remind us, we live more than one life in a lifetime. 

So hold on tight. 

This one's going to be a bumpy ride.

(Verse 2)

To the first girl I said "I love you" to,

I've been wondering if you made that move.

Did you say goodbye to all your comfortable places?

Let yourself be guided by the constellations?

(Chorus 2)

Cause years go by. Seasons change.

Before you know it, you're 35, in the same damn place.

All your hometown memories were too good to let go. 

You stayed at home, hiding from the fear of the unknown.

So take that chance.


What's the worst that could happen?

Is it bad to be happy?

Don't be a victim of happenstance.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Growth can't come from comfort so,

Grab life by the hand and ask it to dance.

(Chorus 3)

Cause years go by. Seasons change.

Before you know it you're loving life, from a new head space.

And all those hometown memories never slipped your mind. 

They simply reminded you, you live more than one life in a lifetime.

You held on tight. 

And you came out alive.

"A Christmas Without You"

(Verse 1)

The snowflakes on my window.

The hallway with the mistletoe.

All they do,

is remind me of you.

The carolers sing their songs.

Winter wind is oh so strong.

But this Christmas feels so wrong you see.

Since you're not here with me.


I don't wanna do,

A Christmas without you.

I don't wanna see,

a New Year without you and me.

(Verse 2)

Seems the cold has rid me of cheer.

I'd be so much warmer if you were still here.

I guess I'm just sad round this time of year.

Cause it just ain't Christmas if you're not near.


"The Question"

(Verse 1)

I'm having a hard time believing that you're happy with him.

Cause the way you say you love me says otherwise.

And I do not wanna hide, so now I will go out on a limb, and say that he's never made you feel like I did the other night.


Am I at fault?

Tell me, who's to blame?

Since you entered my life nothings been the same.

I know that what we do ain't right.

But don't you know, sometimes the heart does what it wants?

(Verse 2)

Now, you say you love him.

You say that he treats you right.

But then you show up on my doorstep, mascara running down.

So I grab your hand, and I bring you inside and wipe away your tears. 

But all I can think about now is...


(Verse 3)

In all honesty I just wanna see you happy.

But I don't think that can happen with him in your life.

It's hard not to be selfish about this when I know that I can give you what you need. 

But no matter what I say or do you will never see.

And I've come to terms with that.

But I can't help but think that this is not how it was supposed to be.

"Fair Warning"

(Verse 1)

I saw this from the beginning.

I knew that you and I would fall too fast and too hard.

And you'd get hurt, and I'd get hurt and we'd end up living, 

with our hearts merged but miles apart.

(Verse 2)

You were too good to be real.

I never thought I'd feel so strongly for someone who I knew some day soon would be gone.


But you changed my perspective.

(Verse 3)

I thought love was just a fable.

Cause I was always unable to picture the sacrifice you make when you really need someone to stay.


(Extended Chorus)

You changed my perspective.

Cause I made sure my heart was protected.


You said you saw this coming.

Guess you gave me fair warning.

October 25th

(Verse 1)

You're too young right now to fully understand how much you mean.

Your smile can change a day from bad to good. 

It's the brightest thing I've ever seen.

So just in case I never get the chance to say this again, I want you to know what she was like way back when.


She was a daddy's girl.

She was homecoming queen.

She never thought she'd be a mother in her wildest dreams.

But here we are a few years later and I'm singing you this song.

All her grey skies went away the day that you came along.

(Verse 2)

It had been some time since she felt confident in her skin.

No matter how much I tried to help, her strength had to come from within.

I asked her when's the last time you were genuinely happy and she said, "I don't know how long it's been."

But on October 25th, 2013, she was smiling once again.


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Pioneers (Jerry's Song)

(Verse 1)

All the faces I have seen.

All the stories I have heard.

I can picture every smile.

I remember every word.

Tell me, can we live forever?

If only in memory?

Cause the thing that I long for is a path towards immortality.


But oh...

We don't know where we'll go. 

(Verse 2)

All the pioneers we have lost all left with the same dream.

Not wanting to live or to die but to be someplace in between.

Will I ever get my message heard?

In time we shall see.

If you only knew me for my words would you remember me?

Would you remember me?


My Confession

(Verse 1)

Me and all my friends we ain't got no place to go.

Drifting aimlessly with no sense of direction.

Searching for so long in hopes that we'll soon know. 

Until that day, here's my confession.


I'm scared of growing old.

I'm scared to learn what I don't know.

I'm scared of my family leaving me.

I'm scared I'll never get to know me.

(Verse 2)

Me and all my friends, we all ask the same questions.

"Who are we supposed to be?"

Are there answers, or are these just rhetorical lessons?

Until I find out I'll always be...


(Verse 3)

Me and all my friends, we're just figuring it out.

Coasting through life at our pace.

Life has knocked us down more times than I can count.

It's a good thing life's not a race.



Better Days

(Verse 1)

I wish I could fly.

Not for reasons you might expect.

I wish I could fly away with my thoughts and see what I collect.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could just fly away?

To a place our hearts might please?

Get away from the cruelty we're forced to believe in this place. 

Let's find a way.

(Verse 2)

Insecurities they kill us one by one.

It's a battle that shouldn't have begun.

You look in the mirror and it feels like you are staring down the barrel of a gun, and all you can is run.

But wouldn't it be nice...



I'd like to say it's up to us, but that is not the case.

Cause we're the ones who f****d it up in the first place.

Why do we feel the need to judge one another?

The answer is in plain sight but remains undiscovered. 

Could it be as simple as to say that all we have to do is love each other?

And instead of making enemies why not love the man like your brother?

(New Chorus)

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just fly away to a place we felt we belonged?

Cause I can clearly state that here today, we need to change so that these ugly times can turn to better days.


Can anybody hear me?

Is anybody listening?

Can anybody take me there?


(Verse 1)

I can't put my finger on it.

It's something that you do.

And I think you know I want it, though I can't say those words to you. 


You got a man, and that's ok. 

I'll stay over here baby...


Somewhere in the gray.

Somewhere in the gray. 


(Verse 2)

Your voice, your smile, your eyes, your style. 

Been on my mind for quite a while now.

I make you laugh, he makes you cry.

Everyone can see you and him ain't right.


But you love your man, and that's ok. 

I'll stay over here baby...



You ain't got to tell the truth and say you think of me at night.

but baby girl there's no denying that this world is black and white.

You ain't got to fake a smile, but there's no other way.

Leave your man, give me chance...


Pull me out of the gray.

Out of the gray.


The Story

(Verse 1)

I knew a girl who had a boy but loved another.

And she always refused to see that of those things one could not be. 

So they got trapped between her crossfire.


They were falling fast; faster than they had ever wanted.

Now there's no going back. 

Maybe they shouldn't have started.

(Verse 2)

I knew a boy who loved a girl, but she loved another.

And he always refused to see that his love for her couldn't set her free.

So he got trapped behind his own desire.


(Verse 3)

Now they don't speak.

The girl got married and she has a family.

She finds new ways to hide her broken heart, and the boy still waits. Though times are hard. 

And they both want to go back to the start, when they were...


They were falling fast; faster than they had ever wanted...

They were falling fast; faster than they had ever wanted.

Now there's no going back.

And they're left brokenhearted.



(Verse 1)

Whenever I find myself feeling alone,

I close my eyes and imagine home.

I see my mother. I see my father. I see my sis.

Although we fought I can only recall constant bliss.



In my few days there's been many lives I have lived. 

And through it all I've remembered this...


You are home to me. 

No matter where my journey leads.

You have given me a reason to believe I can do anything.


(Verse 2)

Whenever I find myself feeling alone, 

I close my eyes and imagine home. 

Reliving memories of when we were young,

full of innocence and love.





The Answer

(Verse 1)

I said so many things last night I wish I could take back.

When you said you loved me, I didn't know how to react. 

It's not that I don't, because I do, and you have to know that.

But there's somebody else.

Theres' always been somebody else.


If we both know that it's wrong, why does it feel so right?

When I'm lying in our bed I'm wishing you were by my side. 

When I'm looking at her I'm looking into your eyes.

But just the thought of leaving makes me want to cry.


I'm stuck at a crossroads. 

Baby, can you show me the way?

Cause I don't know where to go, I just know that I don't want to stay.

Everywhere I turn, I'm breaking someone's heart and it's so unfair.

I need you here with me, but I don't know where you are...

And I don't know why I care.

(Verse 2)

We've both made mistakes. 

On that we can agree.

I just hope when you reflect on your past you don't think that your mistake was me.

Believe me, if I could I would give you the stars.

And it kills me to know that it should've been you from the start.




I fell for love, and you fell for me.

Why did you fall for me?

How could you fall for me?


(Verse 1)

The ember hopes to one day be a flame. 


To shed a light it never thought it could create.

Burn, burn, burn through the day until only ash



Then turn around and see that it's too late.


Maybe hopes are just hopes.


Forever to be unheard.

Maybe dreams are just dreams until you come 

back down to earth.

So you love with your whole heart, and you try


until you fall.


But when hopes and dreams aren't meant to be,

whats the use in dreaming at all?

(Verse 2)

The man can't sleep at night, his mind races too


He wants to leave his mark before his time is 


He hopes if nothing else, he'll make his moments last.

To better separate his future from his past.


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